Van Graphics – 6 reasons…

Mobile installation, cheaper insurance premiums and 24/7 advertising are 3 reasons, read on for more…

1. We’re mobile!

We understand that you can’t have your vehicle off the road for a day or more while we fit your signs. That’s why we’ll arrange to install your signs where you’re working, or during evenings and weekends at a time and place convenient to you.

2. It’s helping you beat the competition, and more…

You don’t have to have the newest, shiniest van on the block, but adding well designed, good quality and professionally installed graphics and keeping your van clean and tidy makes a statement about your professional ability, and hints at the level of service you provide, giving you the edge over your competition.

3. It’s (nearly) free advertising

It could cost as little as £149 to install graphics to a small, Volkswagen Caddy sized van. When you consider the average lease on a commercial vehicle is 3 years, it equates to about £1 per week to showcase to the world what you do.

4. It could lower your insurance premium

Like alloy wheels and fancy spoilers, sign writing counts as a ‘modification’ to your vehicle and should be declared when you take out insurance. say sign writing “makes your van easier to identify and therefore less likely to be stolen. If you declare to your insurer that you have signage on your van, this could help to lower your costs”.

5. It’s always working for you

Constant advertising, night and day, whether your van is parked at a job, your house or in the local supermarket car park. With your business name and contact details on display and potential customers passing by all the time, you’re building up leads and strengthening your brand while you’re doing your shopping or sleeping.

6. The ‘nosey neighbour’ effect (or ‘word-of-mouth’)

Don’t forget the nosey neighbour admiring the new kitchen, bathroom or double glazing going in next door. Your name, number and email address will be right there the whole time you are working. They’ll be itching to get in for a peak, and your customer will be keen to show off their project when you’re finished; your next job is almost in the bag already.
For professionally designed, made and installed vehicle graphics, or any of your other sign making needs, we’ve got all the tools and we’re here to help, get in touch with us today.