Anyone for tennis?

Amazing what you can get up to with a little down time. Wimbledon finals are hours away and the green grass has inspired me to play with flat cut letters…

What’s a flat cut letter?

Exactly as the name suggest, they are letters (but could be any shape really) cut from a flat material. Usually the letters are cut using a CNC router to manage the curves, but some materials can be quite easily cut by hand if the shape is made up of straight edges, using a sharp craft knife or similar.

What are flat cut letters made of?

Most flat cut letters you see around are made of foamed PVC, popular brand names are Foamex or Foamalite among others. Foamed PVC comes in various thicknesses, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm being the most popular but goes up to 19mm and many steps in between.

It’s normally white although some standard colours are available; red, blue yellow, green and black, it can be painted, glued together to create multiple layers or you apply coloured vinyl or printed vinyl.

Our letters below are just plain white cut from 5mm

You could also make these out of acrylic, again the same applies about the colours and thicknesses available, or for something really beefy, aluminum composite panel can be used, or a combination of them all!

For most applications, foamed PVC is the way forward.

How do you fit them?

Depends on the effect you are after, our tennis themed letters are mounted on stand-off locators so they appear to float about 20mm above the grass.

The stand-offs come in a couple of different sizes, between about 15mm and 25mm; the good thing about that is different parts of your design can be in front or behind depending on the depth of locator you use, normally the locator size is uniform across the whole sign, but we like to experiment!

They can also be glued directly to a surface.

Anything else I need to know?

I don’t think so, pretty simple really.