Caring for your flags

Flags are often exposed to the hardest conditions, even the highest quality materials will suffer if not treated with care. Here is our guide on how to take simple care of your flags.

1. Position

Consider the positioning of your flag to minimise the effects of the environment, give them some shelter if possible if it’s excessively windy, and bring them indoors if it’s raining. Air pollution can turn white areas grey, and too much UV light can cause fading over time, as well as fabric deterioration. Love your flags and they’ll love you back.

2. Longevity

Reducing the flying time will preserve the life of your flags. In our experience a flag will last somewhere between 6 and 8 months if flown constantly even below the rated and tested wind speed of 18mph. Take the flag down and store it carefully when you’re not using it, you’ll have the benefit of it for years that way.

3. Weather

Take note of the weather conditions in your area. Flags should be taken down in particularly bad weather conditions. Heavy rain combined with strong winds will add extra eight to your flag, and in turn additional strain on the pole flagpole. Our flags are designed to withstand wind up to 18mph in dry lightly breezy weather conditions.

4. Cleaning

Flags can be machine washed with everyday soft detergents on 30 degree wash. Do not tumble dry. Always let the flag dry out completely before folding carefully and storing.

And that’s it, common sense really. Check out our range of flags and flag accessories here.