Kernow Timber Homes Ltd / Van Graphics

Fresh van graphics for the newest addition to the fleet.

What we did:

We were really lucky to be chosen to apply fresh van graphics to the latest addition to Kernow Timber Homes fleet of vehicles. Simon had his logo already set as a jpeg, so we spent a little time redrawing the roundel and resetting the text to make it ready for printing and contour cutting.

We managed the whole job by email and before long after just a couple of drafts the design was signed off.

We cut away the white areas in the full colour logo’s so the white of the van showed through (the white of the vinyl is a slightly different colour). Took a little longer to install than normal due to the high wind, which made it interesting!


The main logo roundel is a full colour print, laminated and contour cut, company name and contact details are all contour cut gloss blacka self ahesive vinyl.