LEAP / Manifesto Panel

A unique piece of indoor wall art. Contour cut self adhesive vinyl applied to a recycled material made of black plant pots.

What we did:

Leap supplied artwork ready to go for their wall art panel project, as you would expect from a design agency.

I popped in to see Matt first of all to decide where the panel needed to go, measure up and discuss options for materials. Matt was really keen to use Smile Plastics substrates because Leap has sustainability at the very heart of everything they do. The recycled sheets Smile manufacture were a perfect fit for this piece of wall art, furthermore they have a great finish whcih is really easy to work with, you can see the particales in the panel from the various plant pots and plastic trays they use to make it.

Communication mostly by email, a few proofs back and forth and we were ready to go.


Contour cut self adhesive vinyl applied to Smile Plastics ‘Charcoal’ 100% recycled panel. Panel cut to size, 10mm holes cut with CNC router, mounted on glossy 25mm stand offs. Fitted.

Smile Plastics say “Our Charcoal material reminds us of stargazing on a cloudless night, searching the inky depths of the universe and seeing the sudden motion of a shooting star or comet. Charcoal adds a subtle energy to any space, is easy to work with and pairs well with other plastics. In addition, the thinner 5mm material is translucent and can be back-lit. All these features make Charcoal the perfect medium for designers to launch ambitious new projects. 

Our latest version of Charcoal is made from transparent PET, which gives the material a translucency even for our thicker panels.”