Tip-top vinyl graphics

We only use the best materials when it comes to self adhesive vinyl graphics for vehicles and other signs. Vinyl comes in a few different flavours with some of the longer life ones reaching over 7 years. With a little TLC though there’s no reason why your vinyl shouldn’t last longer than that, look after your graphics and the will look after you.

After installation

It’s quite normal after application to find some small bubbles under the vinyl, we obviously do the best we can to minimise them when we install, don’t panic if you see some, they will settle given a day or so. It’s best to leave the vinyl graphics to adhere for about a week after installation.

Keeping it clean

Try not to wash the vinyl for about a week after they’ve been installed (don’t worry, it’ll be more than fine if it rains) the longer you can leave them the better. If you absolutely must clean the vinyl graphics within the first week, use a soft damp cloth and go gently, you want to avoid scratching the vinyl or catching a corner and inadvertently lifting the material – it’s harder to do than you think, but better to be safe than sorry, just be careful.

Once that first week has passed, warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge will be fine, treat the vinyl like you would the paintwork of you car. Always best to test clean on an area away from your line of sight first if you have any concerns. Use an automated car wash at your own risk, and probably best to avoid hand operated jet-washers, the high pressure and the wrong angle could quite possibly lift the vinyl graphics.

Also worth bearing in mind temperatures around the vinyl too. By about 65C/180F the adhesive and vinyl graphics might start to soften, making it easier to remove, so make sure your soapy water isn’t too hot.

Removing self adhesive vinyl graphics

To make it a little easier (but it isn’t necessary) you can use a hairdryer or heat gun to gently heat the vinyl, it’ll soften along with the adhesive quite nicely. A plastic razor blade is a handy tool to have to do this too, it’ll pick a corner nicely and minimise any accidental scratching of the surface under the vinyl graphics, the vinyl graphics should peel away easily once you get going. It shouldn’t leave any adhesive, but if it does a little white spirit or IPA will help to remove it, always test in an area out of the line of site just in case.

Now you need some new vinyl graphics? Have a look at our recent work for some inspiration.